Storm Shield uses iOS Location Services to track severe weather wherever you travel (for more information on Apple Location Services, click here). To receive alerts wherever you go, you need to give Storm Shield permission to follow your current location. When an alert is issued, you’ll receive the alert from Storm Shield if you are in the warned area. To view active alerts for any of your locations, open the app and swipe the bottom Location Card to your desired location. Any active alerts will appear in the top-right corner.

You can change permission at any time to access your Current Location so Storm Shield can send you severe weather alerts wherever you go

If you previously denied Storm Shield permission to access your current location during installation of the app but now want to change that, you can do so in your device’s iOS Settings app (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > verify “Location Services” is enabled, then scroll through the list of apps to locate Storm Shield and verify it is enabled).

Next, inside Storm Shield, tap the Gear icon in the upper-left corner of the screen and enable the Background Tracking option.

Storm Shield uses the Significant-Change Location service (not GPS) of iOS Location Services in order to notify you of weather alerts for your current location. This provides a low-power way for apps to get a device's current location without using GPS and still be notified when significant changes occur. This has a minimal effect on battery life. Battery life depends on a variety of factors such as the version of iOS your device uses, the age of your device and its battery, and other apps using your location.