After installing Storm Shield, you must open and configure the app to receive weather alerts for your Current and Saved Locations. When you open the app for the first time, Storm Shield will walk you through this process. Once you’ve configured the app, you don’t need to keep it open to receive alerts.

OS updates may have impacted your default settings for the app, so be sure to check the following settings if the app has been recently updated:

For an iOS device, you should check the following iOS settings:

Settings Notification Center > Storm Shield > “Banners” or “Alerts” must be selected.

Badge App Icon must be enabled.

Sounds must be enabled.

Show in Notification Center must be enabled.

Show on Lock Screen must be enabled.

Settings Notification Center > Include must list "Storm Shield".

For an Android device, you should check the following OS settings:

Settings > Sound & Notification > Notification Volume should be set to a level you will hear.

Settings > Sound & Notification > Ringtone should be set to a tone of your choice.

Settings > Sound & Notification > When Device Is Locked should be "Show all notification content".

Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notifications must list "Storm Shield", condition "Normal".

For the Storm Shield app:

** "Block All" must be Disabled.

** "Treat as Priority" must be set to Enabled IF you want to receive alerts during any "Do Not Disturb" period.

** "Allow Peeking" (Android v5 and above) can be set or not.