Storm Shield uses iOS Location Services to strike a balance between location accuracy and battery usage (for more information on Apple Location Services, click here). Background Tracking allows Storm Shield to notify you of weather alerts for your current location, and will only use the Significant-Change Location service, not GPS. This has a minimal effect on battery life. Battery life depends on a variety of factors such as the version of iOS your device uses, the age of your device and its battery, and other apps using your location.

Disabling the Background Tracking option in the app removes your current location information from our system. If you have Background Tracking disabled, Storm Shield will still send weather alerts for your saved locations only. To change this setting in the app, tap the Gear icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, then enable or disable the “Background Tracking” option.

You can also control Storm Shield’s ability to access your location for any purpose through your device’s iOS Settings app (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > verify “Location Services” is enabled, then scroll through the list of apps to locate Storm Shield and verify it is enabled).

Battery Tip! To help conserve your battery, you can disable Background Tracking and instead set one of your five saved locations to where you are most often.