Check your device’s iOS Settings app to see if Location Services are enabled for Storm Shield (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > verify “Location Services” is enabled, then scroll through the list of apps to locate Storm Shield and verify it is enabled). 

iOS Location Services rely on a combination of GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi signals to determine your location (for more information on Apple Location Services, click here). If you’re in an area where these signals are weak or unavailable, Storm Shield may not be able to locate you even if Location Services are enabled.

Storm Shield uses two different methods for positioning pins that can result in some variations - especially in "wide open spaces".

If a location is found by using the Zipcode, the pin is dropped at the "center" of the Zipcode area, not (your) actual geographical location.

You can subsequently re-position the pin accurately as described on the FAQ site: The pin that marks my Saved Location on the map isn’t as accurate as I'd like. How can I refine this? (3.)

Here is a step-by-step check to insure you receive Alerts and Notifications:

Storm Shield Location Settings

iOS Settings

“Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services” should be Enabled (green)

Scroll down in the Settings Menu Listing and <tap> on "Storm Shield".

"Location" should be set to "Always".

<tap> on "Notifications" to open the sub-menu".

"Allow Notifications" should be Enabled (green)

"Show in Notification Center" should be Enabled (green)

"Sounds" should be Enabled (green)

"Badge App Icon" should be Enabled (green)

"Show on Lock Screen" should be Enabled (green)

Choose the "Alert Style When UnLocked" position you would like.

Return to the Storm Shield App:

                                “Background App Refresh” should be Enabled (green)

Storm Shield App Settings

Open the Storm Shield App

<tap> on the “Settings” Menu (Gear icon)

“Background Tracking” should be Enabled (green or black)


After making the settings changes, “Force Close” the app by <double tapping> on the home screen button on your device then “swipe-up” on the Storm Shield screen.

Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal.

Launch the Storm Shield App.

Your “Current Location” pin should be positioned properly with 30 seconds.

An excellent explanation of cell-tower locationing is available at: