Be sure you have a WiFi connection (the online database must be updated during this process).

Be sure you have "Location Services" enabled during this process.

If using your current location, be sure you have "Location Authorized" enabled.


<Tap> the Gear Icon in the upper-left corner

<Tap> Manage Locations, a   +   “plus” button should appear in the upper-right corner on your Manage Locations screen. 

<Tap> that   +   to bring up the Add-Location Map.

Enter the name of the City (at or near) where you want to place a pin.

Scroll through the "States Wheel" until the desired state is highlighted.

<Tap> Search.


Zoom in the map for more detail (before you <Tap> Set Location).



<Tap> once anywhere on the map, then <tap and hold down> on the map.

OR <2-Finger Tap and Hold>.

Drag the map around so the Target Circle is closer to the area for which you would like to receive alerts.

Re-zoom and repeat the dragging process as necessary until the Target Circle is positioned to your satisfaction


<Tap> directly on the Target Circle and the pin should move to into the Target Circle.



<Tap> Set Location.


(Once set, a Saved Location Pin cannot be moved - it must be deleted first, then re-created in the new location).