When creating a new "Saved Location", if the initial pin location is not as accurate as you’d like, you can refine your saved location’s pinpoint. 

To Set A Saved Location Pin:

  • Zoom in the map for more detail (before you <tap> Accept).
  • <Tap and hold down on the map>.
  • Drag the map around the pin until the pin is positioned closer to the area for which you would like to receive alerts.
  • Re-zoom and repeat the dragging process until the pin is positioned to your satisfaction.
  • <Tap> Accept.

    (Once set, a Saved Location Pin cannot be moved - it must be deleted first, then re-created in the new location).

iPod and Wi-Fi iPad devices cannot use cell towers to fix a location so they will be less accurate. 

Also, if your device’s Location Services is disabled, your location fix will not be as accurate.