To hear sounds when a severe weather alert is issued, make sure that alerts are turned on for Storm Shield in your device’s iOS Settings app (Settings > Notification Center > make sure Storm Shield is listed under the “Include” section > then tap Storm Shield > make sure “Banners” or “Alerts” are selected; “Badge App Icon” is enabled; “Sounds” are enabled; “Show in Notification Center” is enabled; “Show on Lock Screen” is enabled).

Make sure your device’s volume is set accordingly, and make sure the audio button on the side of your device is not in the mute position. If that button is set to mute, you will still be able to listen to the audio forecast but you will not hear Storm Shield’s beeps announcing weather alerts nor hear the Storm Shield voice speak weather alerts to you.

To hear audio forecasts for your current and saved locations, select a location in the bottom location card by swiping left and right. Tap open your desired location, and in the Forecast section tap the Forecast Audio button.