We heard you! 

We’re making changes based on your comments and suggestions - and fixing a "bug" or two.
Latest updated code submitted to Apple App store on 11/23/2015 (v3.8.3):The update is now available !

Thanks again for your feedback, loyalty and patience.

- The Storm Shield Team

Updates Log

What's New in Version 3.8.3


  • Solved the intermittent slow radar display issue we’ve experienced the last few months.
    • With the improved radar response, the app is now set to auto-play the radar animation.
      This also helps confirm quickly that the app is not paused or has stopped functioning for some reason.
  • Fixed an issue with some users not receiving push notifications.
  • Added 64-bit support
  • Squashed an unforeseen bug that came up for some iOS 7 users, which caused their current conditions and forecast screens to go blank.


• We've added iOS 9 updates to resolve an intermittent crash that some users experienced when trying to play a video on their iOS 9 device.

• We've also fixed an issue where the hurricane forecast track layer would sometimes not appear along with radar imagery, and improved the scrolling of the Location Detail screen for a smoother experience.


• We've made enhancements to resolve the slow radar display that some users were experiencing. Thanks for your patience as we worked hard to squash this bug.

• Fixes an issue with some users not receiving push notifications.

• Additional performance enhancements and squashed a few miscellaneous bugs.


• Storm Shield is now on Apple Watch! Get a tap on your wrist from Storm Shield’s Apple Watch extension when you receive severe weather alerts. Quickly see in glance view how many active alerts exist across all your current and saved locations in Storm Shield.

• We've expanded the daily forecast up to 7 days, thanks for your feedback! We've also adjusted the map's default zoom so you can see more of the weather that's coming toward your location.

• We made it easier to adjust the pin drop when creating a new saved location. Now you just move the map instead of having to awkwardly double-tap and drag the pin.

  • Enhanced the look of the Current Location button to be more prominent.
  • Fixed iPad crash when rotating on Welcome Screen.
  • Add Location button card now switches to Manage Locations button when five locations are saved.
  • Editing a location with a pin can now be dropped anywhere in the United States.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing Weather Details.
  • Fixed a crash when location updates start on initial launch.
  • Fixed out-of-synch Location Cards when accepting location tracking after a location was already saved.


  • Squashed the bugs causing the intermittent crashes and download fail errors
  • Added a current location button on the home screen so you can quickly center the map
  • Added a quick tutorial on start up to help you get oriented with the new design


  • Radar is now your home screen. Radar is the first thing you look at when opening the app, so we made it the home screen.
  • Share alerts. Share severe weather alerts with your family and friends to make sure they stay safe.
  • Optimized for iPad
  • Redesigned to look great across all your iOS devices.
  • Severe weather forecasts in the app