Sending a HELP request from within the app creates an email for you that includes important diagnostic information and settings that help troubleshoot any problem you might be having with the app.

When the email has been created, you simply add your comments or additional description of a problem, and "send". If you like, you can scroll down and view the diagnostics included.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Tap the "Gear" icon in the upper left corner, which will open the "Settings" page.
    (iOS Option Bar shown)

  • Tap the "Support" option.

  • Tap the "Contact" option.

  • Tap on the appropriate category for your question or issue:
    • "Alerts or Weather Related" - Such as problems with Weather Alerts.
    • "App Related" - Such as problems with Locations, Radar, App Settings, Local Provider Content and Forecasts, Crashes or Freezes.
      Which category does your support
      question fall under?

  • Select the email app/service you prefer to use.
  • Enter your First and Last Name, Email address, your email password if required by your device. Note the password is not included in the email submission but may be required as part of logging into your email account.
  • Do not remove or change the text pre-loaded in the "Subject:" - it must say "Storm Shield Support ..." to be routed correctly within our Help System!
    • You may append a brief note in the Subject, following the pre-loaded text.
  • In the space above the "---" symbols, type in a description of the problem or other comments you might have.
  • <Tap> "Send".