If your radar view appears to lag behind or be out-of-date, it may be because of a refresh-issue or a loss of wifi/cellular service. 

If you leave the Storm Shield app by simply tapping on the device Home button, the Storm Shield app is not closed but is simply moved into a "background" or "dormant" mode on the device. While in this mode, the app is not refreshing data or radar images.

If you then tap on the Storm Shield icon to re-open the app, the app is already open and running and is only moved to an "active" state. However, the app will immediately display the last data and radar image it had received prior to going dormant.

Left alone while 'active" the app will refresh the radar within 5 minutes, and the satellite data within 15 minutes.

To immediately refresh the data and views, "force close" the app, then re-start it.

When you tap the "Home" button while viewing an app, the app will go into "background mode" and not be the primary app visible on the screen. Note however, the app is still "running" but not doing anything.

Subsequently selecting the app-icon on the Home Screen of the device will simply re-open the app in the last state it was in, and with the last data downloaded to the app.

This can give the appearance that the app is "behind" or "out-of-date".

The best procedure to follow in order to avoid this condition, is to "Force-Close" the app after exiting. Do this by double-tapping on the device Home button, swipe left/right to find the Storm Shield page; tap-and-hold on the page; then swipe it  "up and away". The next time you start Storm Shield it may take a few seconds, but it will load the latest data and radar images. 

Note that alerts are still delivered to your device even when the Storm Shield app is not open or is dormant.

If you have lost wi-fi or cellular service, your app will continue to display the last data it received - and could appear out-of-date.

Wi-Fi (only) devices cannot use cell towers to fix a location so they will be less accurate. 
If your device’s Location Services is disabled, your location fix will not be as accurate.