Storm Shield is now on Apple Watch! 

With Storm Shield iOS v3.5.6, the app is now available with an Apple Watch extension.

  • Get a tap on your wrist from Storm Shield’s Apple Watch extension when you receive severe weather alerts.
  • Quickly see in glance view how many active alerts exist across all your current and saved locations in Storm Shield.
  • The Apple Watch extension provides a more immediate way for you to get information on severe weather when you can’t stop to reach for your phone.
  • The Apple Watch is another way Storm Shield can get your attention so you don’t miss a severe weather alert wherever you go in the U.S., whether it’s tornado, hurricane, or winter storm season.

To get the extension on your Apple Watch, you must have iOS version 8.2 or later. 

Visit this page on MacRumors to learn how to configure your Apple Watch and get compatible apps like Storm Shield onto your Apple Watch.