Troubleshooting Guide - Android

FAQ:  I'm not receiving push notifications for alerts. What should I do?


The Storm Shield app uses polygon-based alerts for weather notifications. This means that you will only receive alerts when your current location or one of your Saved Locations falls inside of that polygon-shape area. That said, you must first have alerts enabled on your device.

What to check first:

 - On your device, navigate to Settings > App Notifications > Storm Shield.

 - Make sure 'Allow Notifications' is enabled along with your other preferences.

*Please note that some Android devices may appear differently.

 - Next, check inside the app's Settings to make sure you are subscribed to all alerts or your preferred alert types.

 - A blue checkmark indicates a subscribed alert.

- Lastly, check your sound setting on your device by pushing the volume button on the side of your phone and hitting the drop down option in the top right hand corner.  Please ensure your Notifications volume is set to the desired level. 

*Please note that some Android devices may appear differently.

 * Only new alerts will trigger a push notification. You must have a location saved or be located in the polygon area to receive a notification.

FAQ: There is an active alert showing on my app but I did not receive a notification on my device. Why is that?

Answer: The app may show some active alerts that do not trigger push notifications. An example of this is a 'Winter Weather Advisory'. This alert type would appear in the app under Active Alerts. However, Advisories along with Special Weather Statements will not trigger a push notification and are not listed in the app's available alert type list which you can subscribe to. These types of alerts are excluded to avoid false alarms and unwanted frequent alerts.

Note: If you do see an Active alert that is categorized as a Warning or Watch but did not receive a notification, please make sure that you are subscribed to that alert type and check the steps mentioned above to ensure that notifications are enabled on your device. Some examples of supported alerts are Tornado Watch, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Flash Flood Watch, etc.

 * If you continue to experience issues with alerts or have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by using the Support link inside the settings of the app.