iOS: Setting up Storm Shield

Modified on Fri, 24 Sep, 2021 at 12:35 PM

Thank you for downloading the Storm Shield app.   Below are the recommended instructions on how to set up your app so you can receive push notification alerts for your current and saved locations.  

After you install the app, please follow the below steps.

This should be the first screen you see.  Here you want to choose Allow so Storm Shield can use your current location.  This will allow the app to know where you are at all times so push notifications can be sent to you wherever you are (assuming you give the app permission to send push alerts).


Next you are going to see a pop-up screen where we are asking you to allow Storm Shield to access your location.  Here we recommend you choose 'Allow While Using App'. After you have the app set up, you can go into the app Settings > Location  Settings to choose Always if you would like the app to follow your location as your current location changes.  By setting the location to Always this will ensure that you are notified of inclement weather around you at all times. 

Now the app is going to search for your current location.   For example, I am currently in Cincinnati and it is asking me if Cincinnati is my home location.   It is my home location so I am going to say Yes. If you are not in your home location when you set up the app, you can say No and you will then be able to enter your home location.


The next screen that will appear is an informational screen that tells you about our premium features.  Here just tap on Next at the bottom.

The next screen is where you can choose to purchase the Weather Bundle.  If you are not interested, just tap on Not Now.  If you are interested, tap Buy Weather Bundle and it will prompt you through the purchasing process.  If you do not purchase now, that's okay, you can purchase later on within the app if you wish.  Please note, you are not required to subscribe to these in-app purchases in order to use the app they way you did previously.  These are brand-new features that are options for those users who wish to purchase.

The next screen that will appear will be where the app is asking you if you would like to receive severe weather alerts based on your current and/or saved locations.   It is recommended that you tap on Receive Alerts.  By choosing this option, you will be alerted when inclement weather will impact your locations that are entered into the app. 


Now a pop up will appear informing you that Storm Shield would like to send you notifications.  Here you must tap on Allow in order to be able to receive the push notification alerts.


After tapping Allow, you should now be taken to the map view for your location.  A red pin indicates a saved location and a blue pin indicates your current location.

Below is some information about our icons.

Hope you find this information helpful.