Android FAQ: My Alert Is The Default Device Audio And Not The Storm Shield Alert Audio

Modified on Fri, 24 Sep, 2021 at 1:03 PM

Please check the below settings to see if your alerts are listed as App Provided Sound or if it is listed as Default Notification Sound

  1. Go into your device Settings
  2. Tap on Apps and click on the Storm Shield App
  3. Select the Notifications option 
  4. Click on the top notification option and check the description under Sound.  You will want this description to read as App Provided Sound. 

If your Sound description is listed as Default Notification Sound please uninstall the app, power down your device for a minute or two, and then reinstall the app while on a strong wifi connection.  

* If your Sound description is listed as App Provided Sound but you continue to hear the incorrect audio, please reach out to the Support team through your app settings. Please provide screenshots showing the below information of the specific alert that should have been received (Example: Tornado Watch should be the Notification type of the screenshot if that was the alert you received from Storm Shield).