We can help.

If you are experiencing issues or have feedback regarding Storm Shield, please reach out to us directly. Our support team will be able to troubleshoot any issues you are having and reach back out to you via email.

When contacting us, try to provide as much detail as you can. If possible provide a screenshot or any detail that will help us in understanding and recreating your problem.

Any feedback you can provide is very helpful to our development team and we look forward to hearing what types of changes our users would like to see going forward. We are always working to improve the app.

To contact us directly, within the app tap the Settings Icon, then click Support, then Contact. This will bring up an email draft with important diagnostic information already included. You can type your message and hit send right from within the app. If the app is crashing and you are unable to send a request from the app, submit a ticket here.

While you wait for a response, make sure to check out the rest of our Knowledge Base and FAQ articles. 

 * If you are not receiving push notifications, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.